Picture of By Ward van Gasteren

By Ward van Gasteren

One of the first growth hackers in Europe, Author of 'Growing Happy Clients', and freelance Growth Consultant to companies like TikTok, Strategyzer, Pepsi, Cisco, Unilever and more.

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Top Growth Hacking Agencies in the Netherlands (2024)

Best Growth Hacking Agency 2024
Picture of By Ward van Gasteren

By Ward van Gasteren

Author of 'Growing Happy Clients' and freelance Growth Consultant to companies like TikTok, Pepsi, Unilever and more.

It is hard to find a good growth hacking agency. It is good to think of what you need from this agency beforehand. Some are more focused on giving growth hacking workshops and others more focused on conducting experiments.

If you just google it, you will encounter a lot of disappointing results. Unfortunately, it is nowadays so easy in the Netherlands to start a business and call yourself an ‘agency’, that there are a lot of websites that are barely based on living companies. That’s why I’ve taken the time to put the best growth marketing agencies in a row to give you a simple overview.

I’ll help you choose the right agency:

As one of the first growth hackers in Europe, I have spoken to quite a few agencies and I know what companies really need. Let me help you find the ideal growth hacking agency for you. Select your filters:

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Best Growth Marketing Agencies for you

1. Sprints & Sneakers – #1 Agency 2024

Location: Amsterdam, Niasstraat

Agency size: 50+ employees – and growing 📈

Specialization: Out-of-the-box execution

About this agency: Sprints & Sneakers is a fast-growing agency specialized in running the “not so standard“ & technical experiments. They have in-house skills from strategy to execution & from creatives to development.

They are known for a mature growth hacking vision & professional way of working. “Going the extra mile” is the feedback they get from clients. During all of their projects, they’re also focused on how to help their clients have a bigger positive impact on the world next to business growth.


Website: sprintsandsneakers.com

Clients: VitaminStore, KPMG, Q-Music, LIDL, ID&T, OHRA

2. Dapper – Best in B2B

Location: Rotterdam, Groothandelsgebouw

Agency size: 25+ employees – and growing 📈

Specialization: Strategy & Execution for B2B

About this agency: Dapper (formerly Dapper Rhinos) is a growth hacking agency from Rotterdam. They have a broad skillset in-house in terms of Growth Hacking, from strategy to execution on all channels. They’re focusing on Demand Generation for B2B.

I think Dapper is currently the fastest growing agency in the Netherlands as they push hard on social content / demand generation. A well-deserved runner-up!


Website: www.dapper.agency

3. Red Panda Works

Location: Amsterdam, B. Amsterdam

Agency size: 25-50 employees – and growing 📈

Specialization: Execution for B2B SME

About this agency: Red Panda Works is specialized in B2B growth hacking for service providers & SaaS businesses. In the first month, they set the strategy for your growth plan together with your Growth Manager (a personal sparring partner). This person will collect their best freelancer specialist that Red Panda works with. This way they create a lean growth team to execute fast.

Founders: Jordi Bron – www.linkedin.com/in/jordibron/

Website: www.redpanda.works

4. Unmuted – Best B2B SaaS

Location: Amsterdam, City Centre

Agency size: 10-15 employees – and growing 📈

Specialization: Go-To-Market for B2B SaaS start- and scale-ups

About this agency: Unmuted is a growth agency with a focus on B2B SaaS companies. Their unique service offering is called ‘The Growth Program’ — a 12 months track to level up your growth. Every quarter, a strategic plan is created, which is then broken down into bi-weekly sprints. The partnership is led by a Demand Marketing Manager, who is supported by a full in-house content creation team (copy, design, development & video). Unmuted brings a lot of specific B2B SaaS-relevant knowledge to the collaboration.

Founder: Max van den Ingh – www.linkedin.com/in/maxvandeningh/

Website: www.unmuted.com

5. Bammboo – Best in Strategy

Location: Amsterdam, Vijzelstraat 

Agency size: ±5 employees + External Agency for Execution

Specialization: Strategy & Coordination

About this agency: Bammboo is one of the most experienced growth hacking agencies in the Netherlands, specializing in coaching companies. Simply put, a growth lead comes to your organization to help you determine your biggest growth bottleneck and opportunities, set up an efficient growth hacking process including associated knowledge aimed at achieving predetermined goals. All this based on data-driven experiments and best practices.

Bammboo therefore consists mainly of growth hacking consultants and provides great company training. Since 2023, they have partnered with TriplePro Agency for executive work, giving them a larger executive branch for larger projects.

They also spearhead a certification and training program around Growth; Master of Growth and the Growth Model Canvas. And thus also provides training and coaching. Where necessary, they engage partners from their network to take up the implementation.


Website: https://bammboo.io/

Clients: Philips, Young Capital, DELA, UvA en Flora Holland

6. GoodKarma – Best Ecommerce

Location: Amsterdam

Agency size: 5-10 employees

Specialization: Ecommerce Growth

About this agency: GoodKarma is an e-commerce marketing agency specializing in branding, email (specifically Klaviyo) and conversion optimization. I’ve been really impressed by the quality of their creatives & work, and because of their focus on just e-commerce, I’d always point to them as the most logical choice for growth hacking agency for online retail brands.


Website: www.goodkarma.agency

7. Fingerspitz – Best in Data

Location: Breda

Agency size: 50+ employees

Specialization: Execution & Consultancy

About this agency: Fingerspitz is one of the few agencies in this list outside of Amsterdam. Nevertheless, they are one of the stronger growth hacking agencies in the Netherlands when you look at data services.

For many large companies, I would recommend Fingerspitz as the most suitable growth partner because they have a large team and a lot of depth in different specialties.

Thanks to their umbrella brand Handpicked, they have a large network of other agencies for other specialties.

Founder: Jaap Jacobs – www.linkedin.com/in/jaapjacobs/

Website: www.fingerspitz.nl

8. Double – Best Small Agency

Location: Remote (with office in Amsterdam)

Agency size: 5-10 employees

Specialization: Execution for Tech Startups

About this agency: Double is a remote growth hacking agency, with a lot of talented people. I’ve been very impressed by their work lately and their personal content on LinkedIn. If your organization has a remote culture or you’re looking for innovative growth strategies, I’d definitely contact them.

So if you’re actually looking for a smaller agency that you can work with more directly, I would definitely recommend Double at this time.


Website: www.double-agency.com

9. Off The Record

Location: Amsterdam, Keizersgracht

Agency size: 10+ employees

Specialization: Coaching & execution

About this agency: We Are Off The Record is a growth marketing agency that guides you through your growth process or execute it independently.

For startups this means that they help you validate product / market-fit and carry out experiments. For corporates they are mainly focused on a ‘train-the-trainer’ principle whereby they help your employees to better understand growth hacking. They are therefore hireable as both an execution partner as well as a coaching partner for companies of different sizes.

Founder: Bas Prass – www.linkedin.com/in/basprass/

Website: https://weareofftherecord.com/

10. Leapforce

Location: Amsterdam

Agency size: ±50 employees – and growing 📈

Specialization: Execution of Growth Tactics & Hubspot Partner

About this agency: Leapforce feels like your local growth hacking agency. With a fresh young team, they provide all services related to growth marketing – from ads & social media, to email marketing & automation. Nothing too fancy, but they’ve been on the block for some time & you can’t build such a big team unless you provided consistent work.


Website: www.leapforce.nl/

Bonus: Growth Tribe – Best Training

Location: Amsterdam, Marineterrein (recently also became active in London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Paris)

Company size: 50+ employees

Specialization: Courses & training (partly in-house coaching)

About this ‘agency’: Growth Tribe is the first growth hacking academy in Europe. In the past three years, they’ve expanded rapidly with courses in UX-design, AI and Machine Learning. I’ve put them on this list anyway, because Growth Tribe also offers in-house coaching / training to corporates.

Previously they were a growth hacking consultancy company, but nowadays they are mainly focused on giving courses of 2 days, 6 weeks (part-time) or 6 months (full-time). The two short courses are aimed at professionals who want to strengthen their skills and their 6 month program is aimed at trainees at fast-growing startups. I can definitely recommend these courses from my own experience. In addition, they also do in-house training and coaching. Unfortunately they do not offer a done-for-you service.


Website: https://growthtribe.io/

Grow with Ward – Best Freelance

Location: Remote (from Nijmegen)

Company Size: 1 employee – Ward

Specialization: Combined Consultancy-Execution for Scaleups & Corporate Startups

About this ‘agency’: Ward is one of the first Growth Hackers in Europe and has done 80+ growth projects from the fastest-growing startups (TikTok, StartupBootcamp, Catawiki) and the largest Fortune 500 corporates (Pepsi, Cisco, KPMG).

As a freelance growth marketer, he specializes in Retention / Referral for software scale-ups and in setting up the A-to-Z for corporate startups to get them up-and-running as efficiently as possible. You may recognize the colors of the logo in the rest of this article. Welcome to my website!

LinkedIn: Ward van Gasteren – www.linkedin.com/in/wardvangasteren/

Website: www.growwithward.com

Other/Small Growth Hacking Agencies

In addition to the above growth hacking agencies, there are also a lot of smaller agencies in the Netherlands (again mostly agencies in Amsterdam). These are agencies that come close to freelancers or online marketing agencies that offer growth hacking as one of several services.

Agencies in Belgium

I want to give an overview of the three most famous growth marketing agencies in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. Especially in the south of the Netherlands it might be interesting to have a look at these Belgium growth agencies:

What should you look for when choosing a Growth Hacking agency?

What does your company need?

Consider well in advance what would be most beneficial to you; What do you want to achieve?

  • Growth? Then choose an executing party that sets up and analyzes experiments, such as RockBoost, We Are Off The Record or one of the smaller growth hacking agencies.
  • Change in company culture? Then choose Bammboo or RevelX to develop a data-driven culture in a longer process.
  • Trained employees? Then choose a course from e.g. Growth Tribe, or choose an internal coach from Bammboo, Growth Tribe or We Are Off The Record.

Do they think like a specialist or generalist?

The hard thing about growth hacking is that it is primarily a mindset / way of working, namely; “In what area does this company have the most growth-potential?” From a data-driven, process-based approach you then want to come to one of the different phases of the Pirate Funnel (AAARRR!) And from there you will weigh the different methods.

Sadly, I often see that one has a preference for a specific technique, channel or phase, and therefore always starts there instead of a data-driven decision.

So pay close attention to whether an agency or the founder has a background in a specific area, such as social media or conversion optimization, and therefore often ends up in that corner. Instead, they should have a very broad growth hacking skillset. During the process you can, for example, ask what the different considerations were in terms of pirate-metrics, methods and experiments and why they chose what.

Does their philosophy align with yours?

Of course you have to check whether the company is a personal match.

  • Can you get along with the founder? Or more importantly with your contact person?
  • What comes first in their company culture: people or profit?
  • Do they often work for similar companies?

The personal connection is essential for a smooth collaboration! I would rather advise an agency that gives you a good vibe and is capable, than the company with the best trackrecord. During a collaboration you will encounter multiple obstacles anyway and if your connection is strong, then both parties can cooperate a lot better.

What fits better with your case; agency or freelancer?

Finally, I often see that companies opt for a certain agency, purely because their output would be better. However, I often see agencies be busy with KPIs, fixed processes and making as many hours as possible, while a professional freelance growth hacker often works on a personal basis and is therefore more flexible in his / her work.

So if you don’t need much execution-power, a freelance growth hacker is often better for conducting experiments and an interim growth expert better for strategy or internal coaching / training / management.

However, if you do need a lot of execution-power or want to be sure of a consistent collaboration, then a growth agency is often better. After all, they won’t make a career-switch as quickly as a freelancer or by taking a permanent job. So they’ll give you a more secure collaboration if you’re looking for a partner for the upcoming 10 years.

Do you want to know anything else?

If you want more advice on choosing a growth marketing agency or if you want to add something, you can always email me at ward@growwithward.com.

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Picture of By Ward van Gasteren

By Ward van Gasteren

Ward van Gasteren is one of the first growth hackers in Europe, author of 'Growing Happy Clients', and freelance Growth Consultant to the fastest-growing startups (TikTok, StartupBootcamp, Catawiki) and biggest Fortune 500 enterprises (Pepsi, Cisco, Unilever)

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