By Ward van Gasteren

Ward van Gasteren is one of the first Growth Hackers in Europe. As a growth hacking consultant he helps businesses to implement Growth Hacking. You’ll find him often as a growth hacking speaker on stage or as a startup-mentor at StartupBootcamp, StartupWeekend and Aimforthemoon.

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30+ Best Growth Hacking Tools for 2020

Best Growth Hacking Tools 2020
Ward van Gasteren is one of the first Growth Hackers in Europe. As a growth hacking consultant he helps businesses to implement Growth Hacking

In this list you’ll find 30+ growth marketing tools, extensions and plug-ins that I use in my work or which I would advice to my clients. These tools will give you new opportunities in your sales and marketing and will make your work a lot easier!

There are hundreds of growth marketing tools in the world, but these are the most important growth tools that you should know. Let me know if you miss something!

Growth Hacking Tools


Expandi is the #1 growth hacking tool for B2B marketers who work a lot with LinkedIn. Expandi gives you the opportunity to automate your LinkedIn marketing. You can automatically view profiles, send people invites or send messages based on the characteristics of your ideal customer.

But beware: nobody likes spam, so make sure you come up with a relevant message if you bother someone. An alternative to Expandi is the chrome extension Dux-Soup or Phantombuster.

Expandi growth hacking tool linkedin

2. Zapier

Zapier is a must-have for every growth marketer. Zapier is a tool that connects 1,000+ marketing tools to each other to create powerful automations. For example, you can automatically record all your Typeform respondents in your Mailchimp account, or you can, like me, place all your favorite Pocket articles directly on your WordPress website via Airtable. Marketing Automation is one the most important growth hacker skills and can make you so much more productive, and that’s why I had to mention Zapier in our list of tools for growth hackers.

Zapier tool to connect different growth hacking tools

3. CrystalKnows

CrystalKnows helps you to understand others better. Based on a person’s social profile, Crystal gives you a personality profile and tips on how to best interact with this person. Is this person more interested in numbers or in emotions? Does this person prefer to communicate in a businesslike way or rather a more personal tone in your e-mails? Very useful and largely free tool!

CrystalKnows tool voor spioneren op linkedin persoonlijkheid

4. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an SEO Chrome Extension, that makes your SEO-life a lot easier! GrowthBar automatically shows you (with every search in Google):

  • The keyword difficulty of your search term
  • Similar keywords, including volumes and CPC
  • Most important SEO statistics for each result (e.g. how much traffic a page gets, how valuable that traffic is, and that result’s Domain Authority)
  • And even the Facebook Ads from that competitor

I like GrowthBar as a growth marketing tool since it’s made by two real growth hacking experts (Mark & Hailey from GrowthMarketingPro), which really ensures that it is suited for my needs as a growth hacker.

A screenshot from the GrowthBar chrome extension

Other alternatives are Ahrefs SEO Toolbar and Moz’s MozBar. I prefer GrowthBar for its ease of use. The MozBar was always your best option, but nowadays it isn’t that easy to use. Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar is your best option if you prefer Firefox as a browser instead of Google Chrome.


Chatbots were the hottest trend in 2018 and the tool Landbot gives you the possibility to quickly and easily create your own chatbot. Fantastic to show to your boss and colleagues, and it is very effective as a FAQ bot or instead of a boring contactform.

If you want to raise the bar a little higher and create a Facebook chatbot, you can check out ManyChat or ChatFuel. growth tool to create a chatbot

6. is a tool for monitoring the internet. It gives you an idea of what people are saying about your product or any self-chosen subject, and it gives you the opportunity to approach these people. You could also take a look at Mention of SparkToro as alternatives.

7. Hotjar

Hotjar is a heatmapping tool. Hotjar gives you great insights into the behavior of your users through heatmaps and recordings of your website visitors in action. I always use Hotjar myself, because the free package is very complete and the most used tool in the industry (that’s a benefit since it can be integrated with many other growth hacking tools).

I must admit that there are a lot of other tools like Hotjar and possibly with different / better functionalities, so take a look at for yourself at these competitors: CrazyEgg, ClickTale or Lucky Orange.

Hotjar - tool for heatmaps and recordings

8. Airtable

Airtable is a combination of Google Spreadsheet / Excel and a database. It is difficult to understand, but for anyone who works a lot with spreadsheets or data (like most growth hackers do), this tool will come as a great enrichment. For example, you can create smart CRMs or Kanban boards if you integrate it with Zapier. Definitely take a look!

Airtable tool as alternative to google spreadsheet

9. PushCrew

“Push notifications” is one of the latest channels in marketing since it became possible to send notifications without people having to download your app. If you install PushCrew on your website, you can send notifications to site-visitors about new offers, new blog posts or keep people informed about their order. Even if they’re not in their browser.

PushCrew - Tool for pushnotifications


Sometimes you know exactly who you want to contact, but you don’t have this persons e-mail address. Rest assured, because there are countless tools on the internet t