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Growth Experiment Outline Card™️

What is the Growth Experiment Outline Card for?

The Growth Experiment Outline Card™️ is a template for outlining your growth hacking experiments. This helps growth teams to get all team members and stakeholders aligned on what the experiment will look like, and gives a consistent structure to design every experiment.

This canvas is made to be printed out and helps you to fill in all the steps one-by-one, and translate your creative growth marketing ideas into an actionable experiment. 

Step-by-step instructions

The document mostly speaks for itself, but here you have the steps for yourself. If you want a more in-depth explanation on how to manage your growth experiments, read the ‘Outline your experiments‘-step from my G.R.O.W.S.-process explanation blog.

  1. Describe your growth experiment
    Describe what you’ll be doing. Mention the intended duration, techniques, target audience and location (in real life or one the website) of your experiment. 
  2. Visualize what you want (optional)
    It can be hard to understand a visual idea, when you can only use words to describe it. That’s why this card gives you a nice box to draw your idea.
  3. Give context to your research
    Every Growth Experiment is supposed to start from a certain new insight or observation. Share here what has caused you to start this experiment and what you hope to learn.
  4. Set your goal with a Success / Fail Criteria
    Define your intended result upfront, so that all stakeholders are aligned. Your Success Criterion is the quantifiable goal that shows that your experiment was successful.
    Defining a Fail Criterion is a great exercise to keep your decision making down-to-earth: A Success-C. is very often too ambitious, while a Fail-C. is your result at which you’d be ‘okay’-happy with the outcome and would still continue.
  5. Make it actionable with first action steps
    By defining concrete steps and assigning them to team members, you can keep your momentum and assure that you’re always moving forward.

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